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Deployable pre-existing, high-performing lean teams with domain expertise. Agile development is our game.

Continuous delivery of incremental business value to client-partner projects

Instant-on productivity, rapid scalability with North American talent only. Teams trained in latest agile and lean startup principles. Exceptional expertise with key technologies such as Ruby on Rails, Angular, React, Node.js, Javascript, Python, .Net, Java, Business Intelligence and Big Data


Recently, we were faced with a large technology project. It required us to quickly ramp up the size of the contract team with experienced developers in a specific technology stack.

Teamit helped us build five teams of developers in a very short period of time.
This enabled the successful delivery of the largest project that we had ever taken on to date.
Without Teamit’s ability to help us build exceptional teams quickly with qualified personnel, we would not have met our aggressive timeline.

We’ve enjoyed a great partnership with Teamit. We will continue to rely on them for sourcing of qualified teams that it our culture and dynamics of existing teams

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Our company developed an industry leading SaaS solution.

Early in the design stage, we needed to rapidly build our entire technology team (team lead, business analyst, development, hosted infrastructure and QA..

We started working with several companies to build our specialized team. Most companies were content with providing us with candidates from their databases.

But Teamit went way further. They took the time to understand our unique requirements and, more importantly, our culture. As a result, their success rate was far superior to their competitors.

They placed over 50% of our core technology team. They were instrumental in reducing our time-to-market and the success of the product

Douglas - Teamit - Agile Software Developmet Canadian TeamDouglas Spackman, IT Director, DO2 Technologies

How Teamit works

Deep Recruiting

  • 20+ years in talent acquisition
    with 2,000+ placements
  • Referral only talent
  • Vetted by technical team leaders
  • Focused on partnership


  • Proven, pre-existing agile teams,
    no drama, no politics
  • Loyal Full-stack Agile teams with
    a deep sense of purpose
  • Team of teams with a diverse
    network of pre-vetted specialists
  • Focused on user experience

Scalable Performance

  • Immediate ramp-up of remote
    N. American teams
  • Continuous delivery Agile sprints
  • Success measured against
    hard-data baselines
  • Focused on business value and fast agile development

About Teamit

TEAMIT deploys pre-existing high-performing teams that have previously worked together into projects of client-partners. The principals of TEAMIT have placed 2000+ top-end technical resources.

Teamit Inc. provides pre-vetted remote teams of Agile developers to commercial customers seeking a simple, effective, and proven way to build innovative software or cloud services.

Only Teamit provides elite, high-performing, full-stack N. American software-development teams as a remote, scalable, and ready-to-go capability.

Immediate Deployment

Hire Teamit Teams and you have a cohesive high-performing team with a history of success. This eliminates the need for corporate customers to find, recruit, hire, on-board, and train individual engineers…who have not worked together and, more often than not, have different values, outlooks, teamwork skills, and levels of commitment to end-user success.

IT scrum teams

Flexibile Commitment

The Teamit advantage provides flexibility and lower risks on a short-term or monthly basis.

Software Developer Front end Developer Software Engineer Application Architect

Direct Access

The Teamit advantage provides clients direct access to each team member and work in progress. Teamit believes in total transparency, early detection of challenges and that less is more.


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